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Bluebird Quarantunes: Todd's Playlist

Saturday, May 30, 2020

Looking to discover some new tunes while you're stuck at home? The Bluebird staff has you covered! Each weekend, we'll be putting out a new quarantunes playlist curated by one of our staff members. Today's playlist is brought to you one of The Bluebird Cafe's bartenders, Todd Joseph. Find out what he's listening to while preparing the bar for shows, making drinks, and more!

Sorority Noise

"No Halo"

Really the perfect capture of the emotion of loss. It has melody, angst, confusion, and to me, seems to be a very honest effort.

Meg Myers

"Desire" (Explicit Word Warning)

Probably one of the most sensual songs I have heard, very powerful in its approach. Someone said it was the females answer to the Nine Inch Nails song “Closer.”

Third Eye Blind

"How's It Going To Be"

I miss the 90’s! Melody Melody Melody and dark lyrics thrown into a candy wrapper. Every instrument is a hook.

The Gaslight Anthem

"We Came to Dance"

All time favorite band. This was the first song I ever heard from them and I was hooked ever since. “And in this unstable arena, What’s left or become of my America” - pretty sure these words were never more apt than they are right now.

Jaime Wyatt

"Neon Cross"

She is great. I am not entirely a country guy, but sometimes you just feel when people mean it and that is all anyone needs to do to win me over.

Lil Peep


This is a sexy and vibey track that is pretty dark, but captures an introspective moment.

Lewis Capaldi

"Lost on You"

This dude sings his can off and this song in particular has nothing to dress up the vocals and he still delivers an epic display.

Benjamin Tod

"Using Again"

One of those real deal kind of guys. I tend to listen to people who have been in deep waters and are not afraid to peel back the layers and put it into a song.

Donovan Woods

"Put on, Cologne"

Sometimes people leave and sometimes you make up the narrative on how things will go.

Katie Pruitt

"This Isn't A Love Song"

Just a darling song and tells a familiar story in a different way.

San Fermin


This song puts me right in a convertible in downtown Los Angeles and I can only feel the air, see the lights and hear this.


"Long Way Home"

When I am south, I find the guys who make up the soundtrack to it.

The Strokes

"On The Otherside"

When I’m in New York, I find the guys who make the soundtrack to it haha. This band, along with The Killers and The Gaslight Anthem, are the epitome of cool.


"Don't Tell Me"

Kid can sing, write and play. Someday the U.S will figure this one out.