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An update on The Bluebird Cafe from our General Manager, Erika Wollam Nichols:

Greetings Bluebird friends and family,

We’re receiving calls every day – to check on whether we are currently open (which is no, we are not) and when we will open. I wanted to answer everyone straightforwardly. We don’t know.

What makes The Bluebird such a unique experience; the intimacy and interaction, where our audience of song lovers and fans is seated close to the writers and each other…our small room of 90 seats…right now, that is not a safe or healthy environment. We plan to remain closed until we can open safely, keeping the health of our visitors, our songwriters and our staff in mind. This includes both public performances and private events. Right now, we have no idea, and cannot predict when that might be.

Like many of you, I am a planner. In order to operate a business, especially one that relies on coordinating people, actions and activities, you need to plan and schedule. That is understood to be part of the job description. For all of us, in our work and personally, calendars and dates direct our lives and that scaffolding has now been toppled by a situation that we cannot control despite our wishful intentions. What we do know is that this virus is here to stay for the foreseeable future. We know that people are becoming ill, some gravely, others less so, but the virus is spreading and has no timeline. We also know that people, congregating in small, enclosed spaces like The Bluebird Cafe is a recipe for continuing the spread of the virus. In light of these health and safety concerns, there are also economic consequences that we must consider. As a small, independent business, we have a very limited margin of profit. Given the reduced capacities that safety dictates, we cannot open without taking a financial hit and losing money on a nightly basis.

This decision to remain closed is a considered response to the situation on my part as General Manager of The Bluebird Cafe and on the part of our parent organization, Nashville Songwriters Association International. Collectively we are monitoring recommendations and have all hope that we, as a city and a country, are moving forward in managing this health situation and will find ourselves at a place where we can resume congregating and sharing the emotional and unique experience that The Bluebird Cafe offers.

In the meantime, we are working to create a few ways that our fans can share and participate in some Bluebird experiences while we are unable to welcome you into the club. Stay with us on our social media and via our website for information updates – and please, everyone, stay healthy. We want to see your lovely faces back with us at The Bluebird Cafe!

With warm wishes,

– erika