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In the Round with Michael White, Doug Johnson, Dennis Matkosky and Gary Harrison – A benefit for Van McLain, $10

Early shows at the Bluebird usually feature the best up and coming songwriters (and the occasional hit writer). They may not have a lot of hits yet, but you will see a great show.There are 20 tables and 10 bar seats available for reservation. Pew Seats for these shows are not reserved in advance. These seats are available on a first come/ first served basis when doors open..Family and friends of longtime guitarist Van McLain are coming together to aid in his recovery from complications after contacting the WEST NILE VIRUS in 2015. The goal of the fundraiser and silent auction benefitting Van McLain is to step in where his insurance is no longer covering the costs to continue rehabilitating him to a point where he can walk again. In September of 2015 - Van experienced "flu-like" symptoms that got increasingly worse throughout the day. After experiencing slurred speech, Onnie drove Van to the emergency room where he began to show severe symptoms of encephalitis. The hospital staff treated his symptoms with multiple antibiotics, but to no avail. His blood work finally came back from Atlanta confirming a bizarre diagnosis- WEST NILE VIRUS. Making Van the second confirmed case of West Nile in Kansas. After a year of treatments for the West Nile Virus, Van began to move past the initial virus stage, BUT - the virus had weakened him. He has pulled out of the respiratory and pulmonary issues that resulted from his condition, and now his family and friends are working together to help raise funds to he can rehabilitate his motor skills and strength issues. After over two years of trying to recover, he is now at a point where rehab can help him walk again.

Event Date: 
Tuesday, October 31, 2017 - 1:00pm

Door Time: 
06:00 PM