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Looking to discover some new tunes while you’re stuck at home? The Bluebird staff has you covered! Each weekend, we’ll be putting out a new quarantunes playlist curated by one of our staff members. Today’s playlist is brought to you by The Bluebird Cafe Merchandise & Marketing Manager, Liana Alpino. Find out what she’s listening to while preparing social media, developing new products, and more!

Bill Withers: 

Lovely Day

The world lost a true music legend with the recent passing of Bill Withers. He’s always been on my playlist, but even more so lately. This song is really a great way to start off your day to put you in a good mood. May you all have a lovely day!


Uneventful Days

The lyrics to this song really hit home with all of us stuck at home. You’ll be singing about uneventful, never-ending days, but all of a sudden you’ll be okay with it because of how groovy this track is!

Maren Morris:


If you need some motivation during quarantine or reassurance that everything is okay, listen to this track. This is the ultimate female empowerment song. 

Tyler Childers:

Universal Sound

This is a song about meditation – which I think we could all use right now. While the world seems like its spiraling out of control right now, you can always try to take a step back and focus on the “universal sound.”

Lennon & Maisy:

A Life That’s Good

This sweet song written by Ashley Monroe and Sarah Siskind first appeared on the show Nashville. IT IS SO GOOD. Especially right now, it serves as a great way reflect on our lives and remind us what we DO have. 

The Rolling Stones:

Tumbling Dice

I’m still in mourning about The Stones postponing their summer tour. So, I’ve been listening to them a lot lately. This is one of my favorite song of theirs – it’s got such a good groove!

John Prine:

In Spite of Ourselves

Another music legend gone too soon who of course has been on my playlist. This has always been a favorite of mine. It’s a love song for the “odd” couples. 

Scott Mulvahill:

Begin Againers

This is such a great tune by local bassist/vocalist Scott Mulvahill. It looks at having to begin again as a good thing. In a lot of ways, once quarantine lifts, I feel like we’re all going to be beginning again – let’s take it in stride!

The Highwomen:

Redesigning Women

If you don’t know The Highwomen – they are the power quartet of Brandi Carlile, Maren Morris, Amanda Shires, and Natalie Hemby. Need I say more? This is another female empowerment anthem!

The Gabe Dixon Band:

Find My Way

This song instantly puts you in a good mood! If you need to feel like everything is going to be okay, listen to his beautiful song All Will Be Well.

Death Cab for Cutie:

Gold Rush” 

Firstly, you should really listen to all of Death Cab’s music. They are my all-time favorite band. This song hits home with how rapidly Nashville is changing. It’s kind of a love letter mourning a city that’s on the rise. 

Maggie Rogers:

Light On

This song is about feeling out of control, which I think everyone is feeling to a degree right now. Her whole album is really great – I recommend listening to all of it!

The Avett Brothers:

I Wish I Was

The Avett Brothers always put my mind to ease with their calming tones and harmonies. This is one of their best love songs in my opinion – it’s so well written! 

– Liana Alpino