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Private Rentals

General Information:
The Bluebird is available for private events throughout the day and into the evenings. We offer a variety of rental packages designed to meet your group’s specific needs. Whether a corporate performance event, showcase, reception or celebration, we are happy to work with you to provide a legendary location for your private event that your guests will remember. Please note that our room seats 90 people overall and that number is reduced when we take into consideration the type of food service desired.

Private Performances:

Private event performances typically feature two to three hit songwriters who share the stage, as well as their award-winning songs with your group. Always an intimate and unique experience, these performances offer attendees the chance to connect with the craft of songwriting by offering an inside peek at the inspirations and stories behind the songs.

Our event planners will work with you to secure hit songwriters who are appropriate for your group and who also meet your budget. *Note that songwriter fees vary.

What can also offer:

  • “Meet & Greet” or a Q&A with the songwriters
  • Autographed songwriter merchandise
  • Other Bluebird Cafe merchandise

Catering / Food Options:
Our event planning team can suggest the best way to provide meal options for your group; whether The Bluebird Cafe menu is utilized or if outside catering is a better fit for your event.

We have a list of preferred vendors who we work with on a regular basis and we are happy to coordinate with them to meet your event needs. If you choose to arrange catering yourself, we require that your caterer supply all plates, flatware, serving pieces, napkins, catering staff, etc.

Catering set up should be buffet style. Depending on the menu and number of guests, the caterer may need to bring in an extra service table and their own staff to maintain the food display.


We offer three options for beverages at your event.

  • “Open Consumption” where the renting party is responsible for the cost of all drinks consumed including both alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages.
  • “Cash Bar” where the renting party’s guests are responsible for their own drink costs.
  • “Drink tickets” where there is a predetermined number of tickets provided per attendee and the renting party is responsible for the cost of beverages “bought” with a drink ticket.

We charge regular Bluebird bar prices on all bar tabs. Packages can include full bar, beer and wine only, or strictly non-alcoholic beverages including iced tea, coffee and soft drinks.


For large groups we recommend carpooling and/or bus transportation. We are happy to advise you on how best to coordinate your guests’ parking for your specific event.

For more information or to discuss a potential private rental opportunity at The Bluebird Cafe, please contact [email protected].