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Looking to discover some new tunes while you’re stuck at home? The Bluebird staff has you covered! Each weekend, we’ll be putting out a new quarantunes playlist curated by one of our staff members. Today’s playlist is brought to by The Bluebird Cafe resident funnyman and Sunday Writers Night host, Steve Goodie! Find out what he’s been listening to, what inspires him, and more!

Dolly Parton
9 to 5″
What’s not to like about this song? Brilliantly clever lyrics, earworm-y melody of all time, and a movie starring (among others) the genius that is Lily Tomlin.

Neil Young
Harvest Moon
This classic will always resonate… if you’ve never heard it, prepare to start a new phase of your life as soon as you click the link.

Took The Words Right My Outta My Mouth
This song has it all. Absolutely classic production by Todd Rundgren, killer vocals, amazing band, and snarky humor really DO go together! This song (and the album) ARE the 1970s.

“Weird Al” Yankovic
Word Crimes” 
Perhaps Al’s finest wordplay, he takes a grossly misogynistic song and makes it all about spelling and grammar. Priceless!

Christopher Cross
Arthur’s Theme” 
Okay, I’m a sap. “If you get caught between the moon and New York City” is maybe the best lyric ever written for a movie starring a drunken Brit.

Dire Straits
Romeo And Juliet” 
Okay, I’m still a sap. The guitar work by Mark Knopfler is always a treat… as is the entire pristine production. But it’s the romantic-slash-clever-slash-tongue-in-cheek lyrics that knock me out every time.

Traveling Wilburys
End Of The Line
Take a Beatle and a Heartbreaker and a Dylan and an Orbison and a Lynne, and put em all in a sepia-toned room to make one album. That will probably work out pretty well, don’t you think?

Zoee And The Band
I discovered this Australian and her band at the Bluebird Cafe in June 2019 and I was an instant fan — and apparently she’s a fan of Nashville in return! This very catchy and heartfelt ode to Music City features the only didgeridoo solo that I don’t hate. (And I believe I’m in this video somewhere…)

The Police
Canary In A Coalmine
Of all the infectious songs of The Police, I think this is the most incurable. It’s just SO good-sounding! I first heard it as a teenager and I had no idea what the heck they were talking about… but I didn’t care. This just rocks, and it’s only three guys in a huge hurry and with almost no time for overdubs.

Howboy Catts
Beat It Heart
Nashville country rockers Walter Cherry and James Frame knock me out with this one. They’re not afraid of reverb! They’re not afraid of bass solos! They’re not afraid of insane tambourine! They’re not afraid of a song title that everyone mis-hears! They’re not afraid of ANYTHING!!

Ty Hager
Our Boy And Bubba” 
Recorded live at the Bluebird Cafe in 2006, this brilliant and very politically-incorrect song still makes me grin. As the years go by, its humor becomes less and less appropriate… and the more I grin and sing along. Note the exceptional bass-playing.

 Carla Ulbrich
“If I Had The Copyright (The F-Word Song)”– live performance 
How to play it
This is arguably the cleverest song by the cleverest South Carolinian in New Jersey! This song has offended audiences around the world, and it’s a hoot! Watch both of these videos… you won’t regret it! The second one mentions the genesis of this opus in line outside the Bluebird Cafe. That’s right! Please note… she never actually says the word… phew!

-Steve Goodie